We are Bicycle Evangelists. Period.

It’s been a long time coming, but we are finally here at the starting line.  This is going to be an “epic ride” and journey. My Bike Fix started way back in 1990, not in its current form, mind you. What you are reading is the fourth iteration. Let’s call it My Bike Fix 4.0.

It all started with version 1.0, called Bike Racers Supply (BRS for short), trying to compete with well established mail order houses, selling high end bike parts out of my dad’s machine shop. In reality it was just a way for me to buy bike parts at wholesale to fuel my road racing obsession.

Version 2.0 was Swell Cycles. This was also in the early 1990’s, advertising on the World Wide Web wasn’t even a thing back then and cell phones were big enough that you could actually carry them in a water bottle cage on your bike.  We started out trying to cater to retirement communities, and taking fliers door to door and putting them on windshields of cars.

Version 3.0 was AZ Bike Shack, LLC.  I still have the domain name registered. This was more of a part time, hobby side hustle, but it gave birth to the current version.

Version 4.0 is now My Bike Fix, LLC. A full fledged mobile bicycle repair service. Technology has finally caught up with the idea of mobile bicycle repair.  

It’s not new and we certainly didn’t invent it, but it is definitely an idea whose time has come. We are all busy, life has seemed to accelerate the last decade, exponentially. We do most of our research and most of our shopping online now. Yet one thing remains, the things we purchase online still needs a human to service it. That is where My Bike Fix comes in, we offer you convenient service to take care of your bicycle(s) after you have purchased them.